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You still want him back, do you? Now you’ve done your homework – you’ve moved on (after spending a fortune to these self-help books! I damn well should!), or a good 70-80% tells you that you’ve moved on, you already have a life, yes you still want him back but you’re no longer that desperate…that you’re no longer thinking of him that much…

…Then he suddenly calls.

What will you say? Rather, what should you say?

1.      Be positive. How have you been? Good start for a casual talk.

2.      Stop thinking that he called you because he now wants you back. Never entertain false assumptions at this point. It’s better to assume that he needs his stuff back, or he just wants to ask a few random questions, or maybe he’s just bored – rather than assume that he wants you back only that he doesn’t.

3.      Stop initiating talks like, “After you left, I’ve been devastated…I dated around but all I think about is you…” It’s not proper for you to start that talk even if deep down it wants to burst out of you. Stop showing him how devastated you were, it’s not going to lead you anywhere good. Trust me. Let him start that, not you. If you really want him back, let him keep guessing.

4.      Don’t start talking about all the bad things that happened when you broke up. If he starts it, then fine go talk about it, but make sure you avoid all the bitterness and anger. It’s human nature to feel those emotions, but you don’t have to show him. A sign of a mature, intelligent, and emotionally stable adult is to acknowledge that yes, you’re still hurt, you’re still healing, but you have to let your logic rule your life now.

5.      Once he starts talking about his new girl, or how happy he’s been without you, YOU DON’T HAVE TO SHOW HIM YOU’RE STUNG. Just keep it inside you first. Cry on it later when he hangs up. But now that you’re still talking to him, you have these following options:

a.       “Let’s not talk about it yet. I’m still healing, I hope you understand.”

b.      “Really? Good for you.” Then roll your eyes and talk about something else.

6.      Then out of nowhere say, “Hey I gotta go.” Even if you want the whole day to talk to him, your easy exit will be your best tactic to let him chase you. Remember, you have to play games sometimes to get what you want.

Always remember that the rule here is to keep him guessing. Once a man does, he’ll keep on wondering about you and he won’t stop thinking what the heck happened – when before you were so eager and desperate to want him back. This is a good start to make him think about you more often.

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