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Great Tips on How to Keep Him from Breaking up with You

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The hardest part of being in a relationship is when your partner starts to fall out of love and you are trying to figure out how to keep him from breaking up. You can’t do anything to stop your guy from feeling that healing_a_broken_heartway. And you can’t just let him love you back especially if he’s no longer happy being with you and worst of all, he has found somebody else to replace you. For some, it is the end of relationship. If this thing ever happens to you, you’ll probably wonder why it had to happen when you’ve given everything to him and you’ve proven just how much you love him. Remember that there’s something more in a relationship than mere love and attraction. Let’s dig deeper into that by discussing some of the qualities and elements that will give you an idea on how to keep him from breaking up with you.

  1. Show how much you trust your guy. Support him in everything that he does. Allow him to spend some time with his guy friends and don’t be too fussy every time he asks your permission to go out with his friends. You should be grateful that he’s involving you in every decision that he makes, finding time to ask your permission and not just going without even telling you.
  2. Be confident at all times. A guy would rather be with a girl oozing with confidence than be with someone who gets uncomfortable every time they’re on a date. Just be yourself and show happy and proud you are that you have a guy like him.
  3. Every guy expects some kind of support and respect from his partner. Try to address these needs by attending his games or any significant event in his life. Be there for him every time he’s down and support him in everything that he’s doing, whether it’s his job, an extra-curricular activity, or any other things that interest him. Respect, on the other hand, means accepting him for who he really is, both the positive and negative aspects of his life.
  4. Don’t speed up the relationship. Just let it flow. There’s no doubt that at some point in your relationship, you’ve thought about marriage. But don’t get too excited about it and don’t lure and force your guy into it. Forcing him into it gives him the feeling that you need a husband not a boyfriend. This will just drive him away especially if he’s not ready to take your relationship to the next level. Enjoy what you have and savour every moment that you are together. The right time will come. If he’s really meant to be yours, he will be.
  5. Above all these is communication. Constant communication is a crucial part in every relationship. Find time to talk to each other at the end of the day. Every misunderstanding and arguments should be settled before going to sleep at night.

These helpful tips are just a few of the many pointers that you can use. There are a lot more of them that you will have to figure out yourself. Let these tips on how to keep him from breaking up guide you in your relationship.  Remember, however, that in order for love to continuously grow, both partners must work hard to keep the fire alive. It’s not just you who should always work. The end result of every relationship is a combination of the roles played by both partners.

How to keep him from breaking up

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