How to get your ex boyfriend back

How to get his interest back

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Have you been dating a guy and all of a sudden you find that he pulls away or managed to scare your boyfriend off ? Do you fall into the category of women who scare men away ?

 How to get his interest back

How to get his interest back using text messages

Rule #1 Let him do the chasing and pursuing

Men like to win their love, its not appealing for them to have a girl chase them, why I hear you ask. Its simple make psychology, they like to feed their ego and competitive nature, They like to win their best possession. So take a step back, let him do the chasing, texting and the whole. They want to pursue girls and love it when they’re unsure if you like them Hint: play hard to get.

Men are genetically wired to be the hunter, enjoy the game of hunting and winning.

Rule #2  Don’t be clingy/demanding

Resist the urge to quiz him on what he is up to and what he is thinking about every other minute. Let him off the hook else he will feel that his freedom is under threat.

The same goes with being very clingy, men like confident women who stand up to them. Being clingy is like exposing your low self confidence as far as men are concerned.

Rule #3 Stay away from the ‘f’ word

Don’t ask him how he feels about things until you are established a firm foundation for your relationship. Like it or not men tend to have commitment phobia, so if you are smart you will work towards being a great friend and a companion first before you take out the ‘f’ word.

When you boyfriend says he wants space, he is probably freaking out about the feelings talks.

Rule #4 Don’t talk about other men

If you feel like talking about the guy who wants to date you, call your girlfriend to have a heart to heart talk. Never do it with your man, it will come back bite you later. If you want to make him jealous, there are other ways.

Rule #5 Don’t ask him where the relationship is headed

This tend to go hand in hand with rule number 3. Men will tell you when they are ready to talk about the relationship. Take one day at a time and focus your energy on being a great friend first and he will initiate the serious talks when he thinks is appropriate. Start out friends,  build a relationship. Once your really good friends, start flirting, and go for it!If you rush things with him you could be making a huge mistake.

Hope you fond the tips on ‘how to get his interest‘ back useful.

how to get his attention

How to get his attention

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