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How to Get My Boyfriend’s Attention: My Own Effective Steps on Keeping His Attention on Me

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Breaking up with your boyfriend is something that you don’t ever wish to happen. It all starts with him spending more time with his friends than you. And what’s the most heartbreaking of all is finding out that he has been spending time with other girls than you. These are just some of the instances when a once-perfect relationship starts to break. Knowing how to get his attention is one of the first few things that you need to consider in keeping the relationship alive. You probably have been searching for some love advice on how you can better manage your relationship. As for me, I’ve also been reading a lot of them, from dating and breakup tips to ways on how I can spice up our relationship. And summing them all up, here are some ways on how to get my boyfriend’s attention back if ever he does lose his interest on me. These tips are what I could suggest you do to keep his attention on you.

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  • I will always look attractive.

Some say that it’s not your face nor your body that make guys fall for you. But for me, the way I dress and the way I present myself in front of other people, especially guys, is a reflection of my personality. I know that my guy will like me more if I dress well and look well, especially when we’re with his family and friends.

  • I will spend more time with him and do our favourite activities and hobbies.

Generally, guys lose interest in a relationship if his partner is always busy with some other things. They always love to be attended to and they know that they won’t ever get it from a busy woman. If I won’t show him how much I’d like to be with him and how I want to spend more time with him, I’ll surely get the same treatment from him.

  • I will do things that are especially made for him like cook his favorite menu, and let him try out some of my new recipes.

After a tiring day, your guy will always feel relief from stress if you surprise him with something new. Let him rest as you do everything for him, from preparing dinner to cleaning up. Regular visits at his home will make him feel loved and cared for.

  • I will visit him at his work every once in a while.

Dropping by at his office from time to time will give him the impression that he’s always on your mind and that you’re interested in whatever he’s doing, despite your busy schedule. Besides, it’s a great way to meet his colleagues.

  • I will allow him some time with his friends.

Guys tend to freak out when you’re always around them. Give him some time to enjoy being with his friends. And when he’s with his friends, stop calling him and disturbing him with whatever he’s doing. It’ll be the same as taking away the enjoyment that he’s supposed to have.

These steps on how to get my boyfriend’s attention back may also be helpful to you. I know you can provide more steps than these, especially if you’re already in a situation when your boyfriend starts to lose his interests on you. Remember that the way your boyfriend treats you is a reflection of how you treat him.

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