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How to Make Your Ex Miss You Like Crazy to Reunite with Him

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Anyone who is dealing with a break up understands the difficulty of this situation, especially when you have been together for so long and it requires adjustment to get used to the single life again. Your first impulse is to try and get back together. But you must not give in; instead, try to find ways on how to make your ex miss you like crazy such that they’d eventually come rushing back towards you.

Regardless of how much you long for getting back together with an ex, you need to hold back your emotions. After the break up, emotions are still a bit high and you need to let it subside for a bit before making any definite actions. If you let your emotions take over, the exact opposite of your intentions will happen. In the case of women, men are attracted to women who are independent and can go by on their own. So, rushing off to win back ex is a major no-no.

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Instead, make your ex feel like you can go off on your own after a break up. Then, master the following techniques on how to make your ex miss you like crazy and before you know it, they’d be pleading to get back with you:

*Sudden disappearance – First off, this technique will work only if you do not often cross paths with your ex. In addition, you must also consider the circumstances you are both in before and after a break up. Indeed, the old cliché that “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is very true. Soon enough, your ex will begin to miss how life used to be when you were around.

*Be elusive – In most cases wherein meeting your ex is inevitable or when you simply cannot go away due to some other reasons, making yourself difficult to track and find is the next best option on how to make your ex miss you like crazy. Although your ex might expect you to feel depressed over your break up, you need to go out with friends and be with everybody else – except your ex. This is a surefire way to make your ex jealous and before long, they’d want to pitch in on all the fun you’re having.

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*Close communication lines – Aside from physical disappearance, you might want to cut off any form of communication with your ex when coping with a break up. This will therefore make you inaccessible to them. It is one way to show them how they are no longer the center of your attention and that you have other things to focus your time and energy on. Make sure to do this in such a manner as not to incite vengeance or be rude to them. After all, your whole point here is to make them long for you and convince them to make the first move for you two to get back together.

After you have adapted the techniques above, continue on with it and make sure to have fun while you are doing them. The latter is a very important tip to succeed on your efforts on how to make your ex miss you like crazy, such that they’d come to you first and slowly rebuild your relationship.

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