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How To Win Love Back After Your Girlfriend Dumps You

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Do you know how to win love back? If your girlfriend has told you that you are no longer the one for her, you are in the position of wooing her. If she’s said she’s found someone else, you have to make the case for yourself. If she’s said she needs space, you have to fill that void. Here’s how to win love back.

First of all, you have to define the problem if you want to know how to win love back. There are many reasons why women break up with men. Identifying the source of the break up will go a long way toward reconciliation.

If she no longer thinks you are going in the same directions, you have to figure out where it is she wants to go. If you are a country boy and she wants the Sex and the City lifestyle, you have to determine whether making compromises in your own life are worth the woman. If they are not, don’t give up hope. You would be surprised at how many women think they want some kinds of life choices and then find that these don’t work for them. Country boy, wait for her to come home and then welcome her with open arms.

Another situation that some men face is that their ex girlfriends have found someone else. This is a difficult position to be in because the glitz and the glamor of the new guy may seem hard to compete with. How to win love back in this case may be counter intuitive. Don’t go head to head with him. If he’s a flashy night on the town kind of guy and you’re more down to earth, don’t hire a limo and expect her to hop in. You win her back by reminding her about the good things the two of you had going together. Don’t compete with him. Bring out the best in yourself.

Sometimes women say they want “space.” Many men are confused by this and think they need to figure out how to win love back. The simple fact, though, is that she probably just does need space. That means she needs some time to sort out the emotional issues in her life. The worst thing you could do at this point is to text her a dozen times a day, write her love poems, or send her flowers. Let her know that the door is still open, but she can come back through at her own pace. She probably will come back, and she’ll love you all the more for respecting her emotional needs.

Many men are down in the dumps when their girlfriend breaks up with them. They don’t know how to react. Unfortunately, most men act badly and they mess up any chances of getting back together with their ex. Figure out how to win back love and you’ll be on the path to togetherness.

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