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Obviously, crying and begging won’t work if you really want your ex to come back. You have just been dumped. High time now to use the best tactical methods there is to lure your ex back. Make your ex miss you like crazy. For this to happen, you need to devise and follow a perfect plan. Here is what I did to make my ex chase me around:

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  • Always remember that no matter how you cry or beg, it simply won’t just work out. Your ex will not feel pity or remorse. Therefore, you need to change something that will work out.
  • Go out and revamp yourself into a whole new look. New clothes, new hair, new life, new everything. Work out and have that perfect body you’ve been wanting all this time. A different and a totally new you will get your ex into thinking.
  • As much as possible, stay the farthest from your ex. This is good space. This provides you ample thinking time, regrouping, recharging, and recollecting. Absence makes the heart grow fonder – remember that.
  • After this exodus, make sure that you show up where he frequently shows up. Make new friends and entertain the attractive singles that might show some interest. They have to be hotter than your ex. This will make your ex really jealous.
  • Put up a show. Stage somebody in and pretend that somebody really wants you. Seeing you with somebody new so soon will unleash the green eyed monster in your ex and wonder why so fast.
  • Get your mutual friends to still talk about you. Make sure you won’t appear too obvious.

For this to be really effective, you have to be very cautious to downplay the tricks. These are your surefire, tried and tested methods to make your ex chase you around.

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How to get my ex boyfriend interested in me again

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