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Signs That the Guy Regrets Breaking Up With You

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It does hurt to break up with a guy, especially if you still love him, and he is the only one who wishes to end the relationship. Sometimes, it is better to let him go than stay in a relationship where your love will forever be unrequited. Guys have their own reasons why they want to do it, and it is pretty easy to accept the breakup if it isn’t because of another girl. But no matter what his reasons are, the fact remains that it is never easy for the feelings to just fade away, especially if you’ve been together for years and the breakup was an abrupt decision. At some point in his life, he will still miss you and long for you. Feelings of regrets are there to happen and it is hard for them to ignore these feelings. Below are some of the signs that the guy regrets breaking up with you.

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  • Every time you see each other, whether by chance or by a scheduled meeting, he tends to get physical with you. He constantly holds your hands, and would even kiss you if the situation allows him to.
  • He remains interested in you, asking whatever it is you’re currently busy with and even asking for your future plans.
  • He also remains open with you. You are the only person whom he talks to on a personal level. You still know what is currently going on with his life because he tells you about it.
  • He will also try to impress you in many ways he can. He may probably purchase a new car or a new set of clothes or even tell you that he has gotten a job promotion.
  • He also tends to follow your advice every time he asks it – a very good sign of how much he trusts you.
  • You’ve also heard from a common friend that he constantly asks about you, and would want to check up on you just to make sure you are doing fine.
  • He remains supportive in everything that you do and in every decision that you make, including your plans for the future. People who truly care about you are the only ones who support your wants and desires in life.
  • And the greatest sign that your guy is still into you is when he gets jealous every time you’re dating someone or just hanging out with another guy. Your ex boyfriend may deny he is jealous but your instincts will surpass his denials.
  • He also tries to make you jealous by flaunting his date. This might be a desperate move for him to win you back but he is only trying to see if you still care for him by making you jealous.
  • Finally, he suddenly asks you out to admit that he still misses you.

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Apart from these, there are a lot more signs that the guy regrets breaking up with you. But no matter how much regret your boyfriend feels about letting you go, your feelings for him are what matters the most. If your love for him remains the same, try to rebuild the relationship. But if your feelings for him have changed, follow what your heart says. Don’t force yourself back in a relationship out of pity and just because your guy was just too desperate to win you back.

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