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Top 5 Reasons Why Men Break Up

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Did your guy dump you? Breakups happen all over the world, in fact by the time I finish writing this article there would have been numerous break ups. Here is an interesting statistics I found on break up, its shows peak time for people to break up.

If you look carefully there why men break up   you will find some consistent patterns and themes as to the real reason why men break up. Bear in mind this doesn’t apply to all cases but the reality is lot of men come up with the same reasons.When do people break up

Men like to be heard

This is communication 101, when he tries to talk about something, hear him out. Everybody has opinions, which is great in itself, but when that opinion makes your man feel like he doesn’t know what he is talking about, he feels unheard and naturally he feels he is not valued. At the end of day men to an extend are ego driven, I am going to get shot down for saying that, what do you think? Write me a line or two in the comment box below.

Watch who you listen to

What do women talk about when they catch up? While friends are a great help in need they can also cause havoc especially if they have no idea what a real relationship is and they are going through break up themselves and of course there are friends with hidden agendas. So while you may want to listen to them, don’t bring all those conversations back into your relationship.

Keep family out of petty things

Don’t make your relationship a family affair. Keep al those arguments and small talks within the confines of your relationship. if you get into the habit of telling anything and everything which happens with your boyfriend, especially all those disagreements then don’t you think your family wont like your boyfriend that much? Ever wondered why men tend to pull away from your family and ultimately you?

Give each other space

Don’t expect your man to attached to your hip. You don’t have to be together every second of the day, so dont expect him to go with you everywhere. You both have your liked and dislikes, accept that and use it constructively not to destroy your relationship

Don’t be a Parole officer

Don’t expect your man to report to you about everything he has done day in day out. If you feel the urge to know, then it might be your own insecurities coming out. So while its great to ask him about his day, don’t sit down and quiz him on everything he has done. It boils down to trust. You need to have healthy levels of trust in your relationship.

While I said top five reasons in the headline, I feel tempted to write this last one.

Watch your mouth

Everybody mess up things once in a while, don’t go overdrive and make comments like “can you do anything right?” don’t treat him like a 5 year old.

Who can stand always being criticized? Extend some grace and be nice.

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