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Ways to keep your ex begging you to take him back

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Breaking up is a very tragic moment experienced by two persons who have been truly in love with each other. After a breakup you often feel so alone and so unwanted. But when you have time to ponder on what really matter most in your life now, you find that you still love your ex and that you want to build a lifetime of love and romance with him.

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But the problem is , does your ex feel the same way? Here are ways that you can try and see if he will come running and beg you to take him back.

Radiate happiness. People love to be around persons with sunny dispositions. You will radiate an inner glow if you are happy. Like a flame that attracts a moth, your ex will be drawn to you. Even though how hurt you feel deep inside, give the world a happy face. Your pain and misery is your own. Never go crying to your ex and beg him to come back. Your ex will pity you and it will only make you look pathetic. It should be him begging you.

“The seaweeds are always greener in somebody else’s lake”. ..It is man’s frailty that they will always want what they can’t have. So be that—be out of reach, be mysterious, be mystifying, but provocative. Be like a fairy enticing a hunter—always beckoning but never within reach.

Always put your best foot forward for you will never know when you will meet your ex. Heartbreak is not an excuse for sloppiness. Get a new haircut or a new hair color. Get a new wardrobe that will accentuate your figure. Feel beautiful and look beautiful. Make your ex realize what he is missing.

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Be sweet and friendly to everyone including your ex. Being friendly is different from being flirty. Smile a lot for this will project an aura of contentment and happiness even without him. Don’t act clueless, instead, be smart and polite. Treat your ex just like any of your guy friends. Refrain from touching him often to make a point or blabbering about anything just to get his whole attention during the time that you may meet.

“Play the gentle maiden”…. Men like to be knights in shining armor, to be the Prince that will rescue Rapunzel from the castle. Try to appeal to the protective nature of most guys such as finding little things that you need help with. Be sure they are not too personal such as asking him if you can lean against him to remove a stone stuck in your shoe. These are subtle moves that can re-awaken him primal instinct to be your protector and supporter.

Remind your ex of happy times. Even though how badly your relationship ended, there is always that Pandora Box of bittersweet memories. Visually remind him about a beautiful romantic place where you have gone by wearing something you got from there such as a shirt or a hat. You don’t need to remind him verbally. Seeing you wear that shirt or hat already speaks a thousand words. This might trigger a part of his mind to go back to those old and happy times and he will sorely miss those happy times with you.

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