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Why won’t my ex call me back

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Are you saying to yourself right now, why won’t my ex call me back? Have you called them once or a few times but they’re just not returning your phone calls or texts?

I know just how you feel. You see, I broke up with my partner a while ago and I remember how I felt when my phone calls weren’t returned. I felt so heart broken that our relationship was over. But fortunately, I did find a way to turn things around and now we’re back together, happier than ever.

So what can you do to get your ex to return your phone call?

If you follow this secret I’m about to share, you surely won’t be asking yourself any longer, why won’t my ex call me back.

Here it is:

Just about the worst thing you can do when trying to make contact with your ex is to scream and screech at them on the phone. Forget about sounding angry, frustrated and all the rest of it. That kind of behavior is just going to turn them off.

I mean, who wants to listen to a furious ex-girlfriend or boyfriend on the other end of the telephone?

Do you really think your ex wants to listen to a shrieking voicemail message?

When you’re calling your ex, you may have every intention of leaving a calm, dignified message for them, but as soon as you start talking, you may find yourself becoming angry and frustrated over the split, and those feelings spill over into your speech.

So what is the best way to make contact with your ex?

When you call them, make sure to thank them in a calm, reasonable tone. You could say, “Jake, this is Amanda. I just wanted to call to say thank you.” Then hang up if you’re leaving a message.

But I have to give you a warning.

If your ex is on the other end of the phone so you can’t leave a message, you need to know what to say next. Your ex will be thinking, why does he/she want to thank me?

And if you leave a message, you also need to know what to say because there’s a good chance your ex will call you back to find out why you’re thanking him or her.

If you use this strategy wisely, you most likely won’t need to ask yourself the question, why won’t my ex call me back.

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