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Will He Call After A Break Up? What Makes Your Ex Boyfriend Call You Back

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Breaking up with your partner is the hardest and hurtful thing to do in a relationship, and it is something that you don’t really want to happen. But you just can’t force yourself to keep the relationship working if the feelings are no longer mutual. It is best that you part ways than stay in a relationship where love no longer exists. Oftentimes, it’s hard to get over the feelings especially if you still love the guy you were once with. And while you’re fresh from the heartache, you just can’t stop thinking about him, wondering where he’s been, and you just sit beside your phone waiting for it to ring. But will he call after a break up? For some girls, constantly receiving calls from their ex boyfriends is a good sign of a couple getting back together.

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There are many reasons why guys would want to call their ex girlfriend back. If he loves her enough that he regrets breaking up with her, he will get the courage to call his ex and win her back. Also, a guy tend to realize later after the breakup just how he was wrong with his decision to let his girlfriend go so he will find a way to talk to his girl and rebuild the relationship. There are also guys who are a bit territorial and possessive that they just can’t stand to see their ex girlfriends being with other men. They do everything to get their girlfriends back including constantly calling them, asking how they’ve been and even asking them out on a date.

There are a lot more factors that will trigger your ex guy to call you. And it’s not merely because of natural instincts or his personality. Sometimes, you can also make him call you after the breakup.

After the breakup, it is very important that you don’t sound too desperate and clingy towards your ex boyfriend. This attitude will only scare him away and you’ll lose your chance of winning him back. There are some effective techniques on how you can make your ex guy call you back in a way that you won’t sound and look desperate.

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One powerful technique is to stop calling him. It is normal to miss him and always want to talk to him but fight that urge. Constantly calling him will only drive him away. And besides, you’ll look too desperate to win him back.  Make him miss you and realize how it feels not to be with you. After days of no contact, if he still loves and cares for you, he will surely call back.

And when your guy finally calls you, the process doesn’t stop there. You still need to do to a lot of things to accomplish your goal of winning him back.  When you answer the phone, don’t sound too excited and thrilled to hear his voice; although you are. Try to sound normal and casual. Remember that with the proper approach to the conversation, you’ll surely win him back.

So will he call after a break up? By now, you probably have gotten an answer to this question. Now you know what makes him call you and what you can do to make him call you back.

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