How to get your ex boyfriend back

How To Get Him Back

How to get him backHas your boyfriend recently said ‘maybe we weren’t meant to be’? You thought he was the man you were destined to spend your entire life with, but he left you alone mid way. Nothing around seems as beautiful as it did earlier and the only thought that rules your mind right now is how to get him back.

You don’t want to remain in this situation for long. The first thing you need to do right now is analyze what went wrong. Was it completely your fault that you got dumped or is he really not interested in you anymore? There is no point thinking about how to get him back if he’s not interested. He will never be faithful and will not keep you happy.

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When Dave dumped Melanie two months ago…She was shocked.

When Dave starting dating the tasteless bimbo in HR…She was crushed…

Then Melanie did some research…

And found this…


A few weeks later…

Dave’s back in Melanie’s arms… running his fingers through her hair…

And singing her to sleep…

What happened?


She made herself “undumpable”.

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In a relationship, there are few signals that indicate that your relationship is going to end soon. I experienced these and even though I felt insecure, I couldn’t do much about it:

  • My boyfriend hardly called. I would call and the conversations were short and pretty meaningless.
  • The way he looked at me wasn’t the same
  • There weren’t any jokes and no laughter. Conversations were serious and majorly included questions like ‘how are you’, ‘what are you doing’, ‘did you eat’ etc.
  • Sex was less. We were together but still a feeling of loneliness was also there
  • There was no excitement. The spark was just not there anymore

I got alert when I could see I was going to lose him soon but couldn’t think of what to do. And then finally the day arrived, when he called and said that he wanted everything to end between us. I couldn’t completely understand why it happened. What went wrong? I tried to explain that things would get better in our relationship but he didn’t seem to be listening. Soon the time I had come when he stopped answering my calls or replying to my messages. This is when I realized that I had lost him and now I need to do something, which may even require changing myself completely but I had to get him back somehow.

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You need to think from his perspective. Don’t do things that you like because he is a different person. Remember what he liked you to do, what were the things you did in the beginning that attracted him towards you. Changing yourself would also mean changing some of the fundamental beliefs you have. It is important to understand what to stop and start doing to get your ex love back.

An important thing to remember here is that men DON’T like fake women. Changing yourself does not mean that you just start wearing shorter clothes or start drinking and stand in front of him. This might only make you look whacky and crazy. He will just laugh at you and walk away. You need to be yourself at this time. Change the way you think and try and match up to his level. Do things that he expected you to do but you never really gave them importance thinking it’s just fine the way it is.

You may be feeling lonely and totally heartbroken but don’t keep your head down and slump your shoulders. It will indicate how you feel inside. Self confidence should be maintained. Body language is the first signal you send to people and the way you present yourself will make all the change. Dress up nicely, accessorize yourself, take care of your hygiene, thing about the good things and make yourself feel special and stand up straight and have a good appearance.

My boyfriend and I had defined responsibilities in the relationship. I was responsible for keeping the house clean, grocery shopping and mostly the one who talked for long hours. He would patiently listen, pay off all the bills on time and was the bread earner. Towards the end, duties and responsibilities were not being taken care of. He forgot to pay bills, wasn’t really interested in what I was saying and I felt sad. He seemed bored of me. I should have added some excitement and adventure in the relationship then. He enjoyed golf and when I planned a weekend where we would go and play golf together, he loved it. Plan out dinners and spend time together. Try to talk out the things. Reverse roles, be the listener and let him do the talking. Going to the same places where you went earlier would remind him of good times you had together and he might think of giving the relationship a second chance.

Remember not to do the same mistakes that you did earlier. Once your relationship is on the verge of getting over, do not do something that always pissed him off. Even if you don’t like it, do things he likes. Pick out words from his conversation and talk to him using those words. This will make him feel that you have the same level of thinking as he does.

Don’t act jealous. When trying to get him back, don’t let him know that you really miss him and you are jealous seeing him with other guys. Act normal as if you’ve moved on. Don’t keep calling him or sending messages. Call once in a while and tell him lets catch up for dinner. Try to talk it out once but if he is not interested, don’t push it too hard. Being too romantic and smothering him with your outpourings of affection may have been the initial reason for your break up.

Pleading him and saying things like ‘I’ll do anything for you’, ‘all I want in my life is you’ is not the right thing to do. Becoming his slave will make you look weak, desperate and thoroughly unattractive. He would know that he can get back to you anytime and you wouldn’t say no. Accepting your love after he has dated some other girl might not give you happiness. If he has ditched you once, he might leave you alone and do it again.

How to get him   backYou can rekindle your relationship irrespective of your situation if you have a plan of action for saving relationships, even after a breakup. Sign up for our “How To Get Him Back”  tips newsletter for insight into powerful plan for healing a relationship that has just ended, and what you can do that will cause their man to want to get back together. Does this sound too good to be true? Well, I can understand why you might be skeptical, but you don’t have to take my word for it.

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