How to get your ex boyfriend back

How To Get Rid Of The Other Woman And Win Back Your Boyfriend

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Whether it be a physical or emotional affair, several women are suffering from cheating husbands or boyfriends. If you suspect right from the beginning, you need to be proactive and take the necessary actions on how to get rid of the other woman before the affair develops further and ruin the relationship.

There are several aspects that you need to learn to better understand the signs of a cheating spouse, how you can prevent it, and get your man back. Your ability to understand the reality of the situation is key in overcoming this and regaining them in your life.

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Staying Calm

Some women commit the mistake of being hysterical and doing illogical steps in order to get back at the woman with whom your partner cheated with. In reality, you need to be calculating and calm as you come up with a plan on how to get rid of the other woman. Unless you are able to control your emotions, things could easily go out of hand.

The more hysterical you are, the more likely your husband or boyfriend would want to get away from you. You would not want to give him more reasons to leave you. Hence, you must always start by trying to keep him away from her. Keeping your emotions in check is a great way to win back your husband.

Eliminate Negativity

In connection with the above factor, you must not try to rub guilt on your partner by sulking and putting on a miserable front. After being cheated on, you need to stay strong instead of being unattractive, weak, and feeling out of control.

Regain Your Confidence

At this time, you must regain your self confidence and boost your appearance. If you want to know how to get rid of the other woman, then you should focus more on yourself. Carry on with your usual lifestyle and appearance such that you can remind your partner of what attracted him to you in the first place. Let them know that you won’t bend and break due to their affair.

Learn To Bide Your Time

Statistics from relationship experts have shown that only very rarely, if it ever happens, do extra marital affairs last. The fun and adventurous personality that the mistress presents will eventually fade away. And when you are able to maintain your positive vibes and confidence, your partner will realize for himself that it was actually his loss, not yours.

Allow things to take on their natural flow of motion but you have to remain in control, which is a secret on how to get rid of the other woman. You should take note of the steps above if you are willing to save marriage.

Get rid of the other woman

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Win your husband back

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You just got separated or divorced. You want to win your husband back not only for the kids’ sake but also yours. Do understand though that this is going to be really tough. But don’t despair; the good news is that as long as you follow a devised and a well thought of plan, a good 90% are getting back their husbands successfully whatever the issues were that broke them in the first place.

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But if you rush in without a strategy, patience, or persistence, then be ready to fall into the 90% who lose their husbands entirely without properly understanding why they lost them at all.

It’s always possible to rekindle an old flame, especially with marriages that involved a great true love in the first place. It does mean that yes, getting back is still possible, provided that you have a proper course of action.

You will need to arrange a first date with your husband. Make sure it won’t be too obvious that you’re desperate; make it sound really casual. If there is a possibility of him backing out, try the second attempt to either bring back his stuff, or talk about custody and or support arrangements, just make sure it will all be casual and totally without the drama.

Follow these steps below when you succeed in getting him your first date:

1. Make it very, very short and sweet. Make sure it won’t last an hour; it has to be less than an hour because any hour longer will ruin your perfect chance and timing. Do it on a breakfast or lunch date and never on a dinner.

2. Never initiate conversations of over-analyzing what went wrong. You are not here to reopen old wounds. It will ruin your chances especially if you do it on a first date. If he does, then sweetly explain that you are both not here to talk about the hurts and it’s best to move past for a better friendship that you both need.

3. This first date is meant to be positive and at all means, light hearted. Never talk about anything sad, hurtful or desperate. Show him how thankful you are for him agreeing to do this lunch date with you.

4. Never say anything that will make him jealous. This is a big NO. Don’t go off to the other side of extreme by seducing him or flirting with him. This will just backfire on your plans and it will just put him off.

5. Crack lighthearted jokes, catch up, have the good ol’ fun! Always keep it relaxed, light-hearted, and positive.

Men will always be attached to those who are fun to be with, so you should be one too. Allow your bond to rebuild positively since this will guarantee you starting from the right foot. Remember that you shared so many things during your relationship, so you might as well use it to your advantage.

Remember the strict rule of keeping your date to 1 hour or less no matter how much fun you’re having. Never suggest a second date – let him do that and he will only do that if he had so much fun that he wants to have it again. If he does, congratulations. If not, just wait and always veer away from appearing too desperate.

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