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How to get a boyfriend

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So you want to know how to get a boyfriend.  Are you single and ready to get a boyfriend? As simple as it sounds sometimes it can become a daunting task to find the right guy. I am sure you must have read numerous articles on how to get a boyfriend. All of them probably must have told the same things in different ways.

If you are asking yourself how you can stand out from other girls so that you will get noticed and gain interest from the right guy then you need to do your homework increase your chances.

How to get a boyfriend tip #1

Where do you find the elephants?  You find them in the elephant territory! Do you make an effort to be in the elephant territory? Do you know where they hang out? Being the right place at the right time is not always luck majority of the times it is by design than by accident. Get your notepad and starting jotting down the potential places where you can meet them.  Figure out where the kind of guy you like typically hangs out. One of the easiest and most crowded places is the online dating sites. It is well worth the try. Click here to read a review of one of the best online dating sites on how to get a boyfriend.

How to get a boyfriend tip #2

Second tip on how to get a boyfriend revolves around your thinking and attitude. The trick is to put yourself in a boy’s shoes and think like them. If you were a boy what kind of things would look for in a girl? Do you think you have those qualities? Not all of us are perfect but we can definitely make an effort to be at our best.  Here is a big secret, what kind of people make you happy, invariably it would be the person who listens actively, make you feel good about yourself, friendly and approachable and the list goes one. Do you get the vibe?  There you go, that’s your second tip on how to get a boyfriend.

How to get a boyfriend tip #3

When you change the way you look at thing, the things you look at change! Stop looking for boyfriends and instead concentrate on making yourself happy first. Boys have this tendency to fall for girls who are happy with who they are.  Be happy in who you are, the boys will pick the signal unconsciously and you would look all the more confident and beautiful to them. I don’t think any boy would like a clingy, desperate, complaining and grouch. If you take away only this tip on how to get a boyfriend, it will open more doors than can imagine.

How to get a boyfriend tip #4

All that glitters is not gold. You need to learn to look beyond the looks.  While is important I don’t think it is vital. Ask yourself; is he worthy winning your heart? How good is he at treating other people? This will pretty much give you a good understanding of what kind of a person he is. Don’t be dazzled by looks alone. Remember he comes as total package.

Those are my top tips on how to get a boyfriend. Want to know more. Please visit my website on “How to get a boyfriend-Click here

After you beg, he simply doesn’t want you back

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This is what I really hate about breakups, there’s always the tendency to want him back and this is regardless of who ended it and why. You miss him, you miss the fun times you used to have together, you miss his family, his crazy antics, how he makes you laugh in a middle of a really stressful day, how he makes you feel protected and loved, how he took care of me and the kids. So naturally I wanted him back, because life is totally different without him now. And I can’t take the depression. I remembered crying for over 5mos, nobody can ever comfort me, I think that was the worst kind of depression I’ve had since coming from a broken family myself, I didn’t want to end up in a broken one too.

I did all what I can do and all the advice I got from those self-help books, but I guess my case was a lot different from the situations they contemplated when these people wrote their self-help books. This can’t simply take him back. Or maybe I was just too obsessed to force it when I shouldn’t have done it in the first place.

So naturally I became all the more depressed. The kind of depression that I had before I begged him doubled and all the more complicated since I was already 3 months pregnant on our second baby. I simply could not accept defeat. Here’s a list of what I did to help myself out.

1.Accept the fact – maybe only for now – that it still can’t be. But this is not to entertain any false hope.

I already did my best, but my best wasn’t clearly enough. This situation would now call for the power of time and distance. When I ignored the importance of acceptance, things only became worse. I made a complete fool out of myself and erased whatever remaining confidence and self-esteem I had. When I didn’t get the results that I wanted, I only got all the more obsessed. Fine, everyone can be so desperate at times. But I am not a lunatic. I am still psychologically stable and sane to logically think if it can’t be after diligently exhausting all my efforts, there’s nothing else I can do.

2.Forgive him and myself for everything. Stop the bitterness.

It’s unavoidable to think of his flaws and shortcomings just to justify the feelings of a shattered ego. Only to find out that the more I thought about the bitterness and revenge, it dragged me down. Psychologically, I found out that the more negative thoughts and feelings I entertained, the more it upsets my way of thinking, and the way I perceive things. And all these negative thoughts and perceptions have indirectly influenced the circumstances around me and blocked all the positive that I should be attracting. More bitterness only led to added bitterness and hate. And I couldn’t think straight. I was too busy being bitter to find better opportunities, or a new source of income, I ignored the fun times I had with my baby, my family, and my friends. Because bitterness consumed all of me, I overlooked so many details of my life and career. So I decided to finally stop all the negative. I realized, I can only move on if I learn to forgive him and myself, so I can really move on.

3. Acknowledge his happiness without you.

If he says he’s happier without you, gracefully accept defeat. You’ll only make things worse if you force it now. If he’s happier without you now, maybe it’s high time for me to make myself happy without him too.

4.I deserve to be peaceful and happy too. Even without him.

Now this lies in my power of choice. I have the choice to stay depressed, constantly think of revenge, and make things worse for all of us, or, to make myself and everyone around me happy. Not only after choosing the former did I realize the advantage of the latter. I got too tired of crying and depression. I got tired of thinking revenge. I got fed up with myself for thinking that way. When I decided to give myself the happiness I deserve, I realized, it was better this way.

So my focus returned to the joy of being with my kid, caring for her and having so much fun playing with her, I enjoyed my friends’ company more, and I learned to appreciate my family more. I have enjoyed my career too when I decided to stop thinking of him. It was unavoidable, yes, but I decided to stop dwelling on those thoughts of him. This will really take time and a lot of practice, but it’s really worth it because now I feel loads better.

I enjoyed life without him that I found myself not thinking about him anymore. So when he called one day, I got all the more surprised. That was a better feeling compared to the feeling of wanting him to call – but never did.

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Just before I finish off  I want to leave you with this video which I found, Its the promo for the movie ” The Notebook”. Love can be like that.

Win Back Love: How To Get Your Ex Back

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Magic of Making Up

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Relationships that end are painful, and that’s an understatement. I am all too familiar with this…as I am sure most people are. I mean, how many of us meet and marry their childhood sweetheart and never suffer through a breakup? Certainly not I.

I was fortunate enough to learn some things over the years, but some of us aren’t as lucky and need help in either keeping their relationships intact or in getting back the ex that they never should have lost to begin with.

Well, that book finally exists, though I wish it hadn’t taken so long.

The book is called “The Magic Of Making Up” and it may very well be the best book ever written on the subject. The author does a terrific job on tackling this subject. The testimonials at the site are solid proof of this.

Magic Of Making Up

The main problem, and this is what the book tackles so well and in complete step by step detail, is that when people are either on the verge of breaking up or have just broken up with their ex and are trying to get this person back, they simply don’t know what to say. They rehearse all kinds of lines and things to recite, but when the moment of truth comes…they freeze. Nothing that makes any sense at all comes out of their mouth. Sound familiar? It probably does.

This book will work no matter how hopeless the situation might seem. On page 43 you’ll learn the “Instant Reconnect Technique” which works like a charm.

On page 21 you’ll learn how to discover by tell tale signs if your ex still cares. These are things that took me years to learn on my own.

Magic Of Making Up

And if you’re a woman, on page 5, you’ll learn the one thing that a man wants more than sex, food or that dumb ballgame. You give him this and he’ll be yours for the rest of your life. And yes, it’s true because my wife gives it to me everyday. She understands.

I can keep going but there is so much in this book that it would take me 20 pages just to go over it.

Now, I have to warn you about something. These methods are so powerful that they have the potential to be abused. So please, for the love of all that is good in this world, don’t use these things to stalk an unsuspecting person or anything that could be seen as abuse. That’s all I ask.

Oh, and one more thing. Please watch the videos at the site. They are real and they will move you. I promise you that.

You can find out more about The Magic Of Making Up by clicking on the link below that says CLICK ME.

Magic Of Making Up

If you purchase this book from me, I will personally answer any questions that you have, including giving you  another 47 page ebook written by me called “Get your ex back or get over it” after purchase. That’s how much I believe in this book. Just flick me an email after purchase with you transaction id.

If you want to get your ex back, this will do it. I can almost guarantee it unless you are really that far gone…and nobody is THAT far gone.

To YOUR Relationship Success,


6 Simple Steps On How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back

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Regardless of whether who split up with whom, the amount of pain involved makes it difficult to survive a breakup. In fact, you might even feel so special about him such that you want to get him back. But there is an art on how to make your ex boyfriend want you back that you need to learn and master. Take note of the pointers listed below.

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1. Understand the reason for break up.

One of the few things that deprive you of attaining peace of mind after a break up is not having a clear idea of how it ended in the first place. This will also help to clear your mind of the real reason why you want to get him back. Are you hurt because you feel betrayed or that you simply love him still? Not only will finding the answers help you get over a breakup, but you can also look for ways on how to make them feel the same as you do.

Relationship Help After A Break Up Plan To Get Him Back In Your Arms

2. Avoid the urge to call him soon after a break up.

When you are so used to having this person in your life, it can be a difficult adjustment stage just trying to get used to the life without them. But whatever you do, resist the urge to call them or make the first move to getting back together. Without any form of communication, they will begin to think about you and that is when they often make the initial effort to regain communication.

3. Stay within his social circles.

This does not necessarily mean that you should be hanging out together. But try to make him aware of what you’ve been up to, without revealing too much on the latest happenings in your life. Leave a sense of mystery for him to ponder on how your life has been soon after your relationship ended. This method of getting back your ex boyfriend might take a while but it certainly works.

4. Remind him of the person he fell in love with.

The past is a good indicator on how to make your ex boyfriend want you back. Think about the person you are that he fell in love with. Try to assess how much have you changed and try to correct anything that might have turned him away from you. Try to emit positive vibes and he will eventually be attracted back to you with those qualities. It’s a surefire way to bring back lost love.

5. Look for other things to focus on.

When you focus too much on trying to win him back, your emotions tend to overwhelm you to the point of losing sight on your real objective and plan. Therefore, busy yourself with other activities or thoughts to have more fun realizing your plan.

6. Do not neglect yourself, especially your appearance.

Men are generally attracted to independent and confident women. Thus, you can adapt this persona and try to look your best wherever and whenever. Some women commit the mistake of entering this depressive state after a breakup that they neglect themselves. Try to be as attractive as you can be, but more so try to do it for yourself. This is the best secret on how to make your ex boyfriend want you back. It won’t be long until he can no longer resist you and begin to chase you back again into their life.

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Solving relationship problems

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How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

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You’re probably here because you’ve been searching for ways on how to get your ex boyfriend back. Well, you’ve come to the right place. This article will discuss the most effective and simplest ways on how to get exHow to Get Ex Boyfriend Back boyfriend back.

Getting your ex boyfriend back involves a combination of two important processes. The first process is for you to make him feel unwanted and the second one is to make him feel just how much he’d lost. Combining these two processes will surely challenge him and make him go crazy over you again.

Making your guy feel unwanted will leave him wondering how it seems so easy for you to forget everything and how you can just ignore him as if nothing really happened. Meanwhile, making him realize how wrong he is on letting you go will only challenge him to get you back and try to rebuild the relationship.

To get your ex boyfriend back, take note of the following do’s and don’ts and try to consider them as you work on rebuilding a relationship with your guy.

If you really want your guy back, everything should start within you. You need to have a positive attitude and believe that everything will soon get back to normal and that you will get back together again. You need to be really confident and strong. Don’t let your emotions get to you and don’t let him see how miserable you’ve become and how much you need him back. Remember that guys will never get back in a relationship with a girl out of pity.

Always look good and dress good. Make your ex boyfriend realize just how much he’d lost and make him feel that your life is better without him.

If you have the same circle of friends, it’s hard to not see and ignore him. But every time you hang out, try to keep your distance from him. And if he starts talking to you, always keep the conversation short and simple. By this time, you would have probably talked about the current status of your relationship and there’s no reason for you to talk long. As much as possible, make the conversation casual and don’t talk too much about your personal life.

The same thing should happen whenever he calls you. If it’s nothing really important, try to cut the conversation short by telling him you’re busy and that you have better things to do than talk to him.

Every time you see him, do the things that you know he loves about you including those that made him fall head over heels for you. These could include your cute little ways or beautiful smile and probably just the way you are with other people. Doing such actions in front of him will only make him realize all the important things that he had let go.

Getting your ex boyfriend back can be really challenging especially if the feelings are no longer mutual. But giving up is not an option especially if you really want him back. Remember, however, not to harass your guy by constantly calling him or following him around. Avoid too much contact with him or you’ll just drive him away.

Always remember these simple tips on how to get ex boyfriend back. Be firm about your decision and be smart and strong about it. Soon enough, you’ll have him back in your arms again.

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I Cheated On My Boyfriend: How Do I Get Him Back For Good?

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I cheated. How do I get him back?

Although men are generally associated with polygamy, there are also a few women who’ve cheated on their partners as well. There are a few steps you need to take to appease your partner and mend your relationship to get how do i get him backback with ex. You need to perform each step correctly when dealing with a break up.

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I Cheated On My Boyfriend: How Do I Get Him Back For Good?- Click Here

Say Sorry – And Meant It!

The most important thing you must do to win your boyfriend back is to say sorry. But more importantly, you have to mean it. Although it does not guarantee success when you’re at the situation, but it’s an important step. You must learn to say sorry and acknowledge the mistake you have committed that torn apart your relationship. But you need to apologize for the right reasons and learn to admit exactly what you did wrong.

When asking for apology, don’t bait an argument with your partner. That is the least thing that you’d like to happen at this stage in your relationship. Also, you must not become defensive. Learn to stay calm, get rid of your ego, and let the other person feel how sorry you are for the situation you got into to get your ex back.

Talk Things Out With Honesty

Once you have laid out the situation in line, you need to talk things out. But make sure your boyfriend is up to it, or else you would most likely end up fighting if you insist on talking and he’s uninterested. Never plead, cry, or force them into talking with you. Let them know that you are aware of what you just did and its impact on the relationship, while at the same time letting them know that you wanted to get your ex back.

If your boyfriend asks you to tell him the details of your affair, then be honest. Although it might hurt him, he’d appreciate your honesty because it could be an indicator of your willingness to let go of the past and move on.

Give Them Space

If you feel like your boyfriend is not yet willing to talk or discuss about the affair with you, then give them space. You need to understand that they are still in the phase wherein they’re hurting from your betrayal. Allow the situation to cool down a bit, giving them time to cope with emotional infidelity before you make any further move. Avoid flooding them with text messages, phone calls, and other forms of communication because they find it intrusive.

Show Genuine Care

When you are constantly asking yourself “How do I get him back?” and none of the above tips seem to work, then you need to express genuine love and care for them. This will make them realize how important they are in your life. Just keep your actions in check to ensure that it won’t appear staged or phony to him. Now that he’s lost complete trust on you, you must take this opportunity to rebuild that again.

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Simple Tips to Get your Ex Back Even if your Ex is Avoiding You

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Most people who once love each other often find a hard time to get back together because there are still questions hanging between then and they are still not sure if it is a good decision to get back together or is it better if they will just go their separate ways.

If ever you are in the position of having just broken up with your ex, you should bear in mind that talking about the problems that existed that lead to your breakup is completely taboo. These things and situations always leave a bad taste in the mouth and if you want to get back your ex then you should focus on improving your relationship.

There is a great possibility that your ex may not want to enter back into a relationship with you because he/she does not want to undergo another risk of suffering another heartbreaking situation.

Best systems to get your ex back

Now if you really want to get back with your ex, don’t think that being all around him/her and pestering your ex with calls, text messages or emails will bring back your ex. Instead these are the very things that will push your ex further away from you.

The best thing to do is to take a leave of absence. Avoid calling or texting your ex. Let your ex wonder what is happening to you or what has happened in your life that made you leave for quite a while.

Keep out of sight for a few days and resist the temptation to call your ex. Once you feel that the time is right to call your ex and set up a meeting, then do so but tread lightly for this is highly sensitive ground.

Best systems to get your ex back

Getting Back Together, Get It Right This Time

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So, getting back together with your ex has been playing on your mind. You really do want to try again but, do you know if your ex does? There must have been a time when everything in your relationship was going well. Or was it? Do you know when things started to go wrong that eventually led to the break up? Something must have gone wrong at some point, do you know what and why?

I wonder if you were to succeed in getting back together if it would work out for you and your ex without fully understanding the root cause of the break up.

It’s obvious that something wasn’t right. Maybe you said or did something. Maybe your ex said or did something. For all I know it may have been both of you. Were either of you too blind to notice what was or wasn’t happening?

If getting back together again is important to either or both of you, neither of you want to make the same mistakes all over again and run the risk of splitting up for good.

Something went wrong and the relationship needs to be rebuilt on a very strong foundation if it is to last. Feelings of regret, remorse, guilt are all very well but they won’t solve the problem. And, believe me, carrying the attitude of “it was all their fault” or, just as bad, pretending that nothing was wrong, certainly won’t get you very far. So what will?

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Think back to when your relationship was working for both of you. What problems started to occur from that point and up to splitting up? Are they easily identifiable? Were they caused by you or your ex? It is likely that some of the issues that were allowed to escalate are all symptoms of the same root cause or causes and if those causes were fixed, the issues would simply disappear.

Communication is one of the most powerful tools we have and yet we either don’t use or we abuse it. If you truly want your ex back, talk to each other, find out if both of you are really sure about getting back together. If it transpires that one of you is definitely against the idea then it is time for both of you to accept the inevitable and move on with your lives.

Before that, however, think long and carefully about your role in leading to the break up. Be brutally honest with yourself and accept that for which you know you are responsible. Then fix it. If you need help to fix it, that should not be a problem to you if you truly wish to get back together.

If, in honest reflection, you believe that you ex was responsible, even partly, this is where communication plays a vital role. Without pointing fingers or trying to apportion blame, discuss the issues thoroughly, get to the root causes. If your ex has already made an effort to fix the issues whatever they were, great. If they are prepared to make an effort as you undoubtedly are, also great. Point is, if either of you fail to make the effort to redress the issues, getting back together again will be short lived and a more final break up will be inevitable.

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If getting back together is motivated because of the true love you have for each other, why would you ever want to risk that special relationship by splitting up again? Do what it is you need to do and save yourself from heartbreak.

Surefire Ways to Win your Girlfriend Back

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Being dumped by your girlfriend puts you in a frustrating and desperate situation. Desperation can lead you to seek ways to win her back. But in your search for surefire ways to get her back in your arms, remember that haste make waste. If you force things, even if the time is not ripe enough, then you may push your girlfriend further than ever.

To help you in your quest to bring your girlfriend back, here are the three best tips that you can use to get your ex girlfriend’s undivided interest again.

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Instill confusion in your ex girlfriend’s mind.  Act like breaking up with her was the best thing that could ever happen to you. Surely this will baffle her and make her think twice whether it was really a good thing to let go of you. Let her see that you are already starting to move on with your life and the past has not bothered you a bit. Get your social life into a whirlwind and renew ties with friends and family. Act like you don’t have cares and time for your ex girlfriend. Then, she will surely feel rejected and left out. This feeling of rejection will inevitably create a feeling of intense need for somebody and that is you. So even though how much you want to run back to her and tell her that you love her and want her back, just hold on a little bit longer. Sooner she will try to reconnect with you.

To prepare yourself to be a better half in the relationship, take time to re-assess your life. What do you really want in your life and are you really sure you know where you want to go? It is important that you look back and recognize the problems and learn from it.

Human nature dictates that what is out of reach is always coveted most. It’s like a cat which tries to reach for a dangling string until it gets it and voila! The cat will lose all interest in the string. You need to be the string and try to be out of reach but not out of sight. You will definitely be enticing to your girlfriend and she’ll be running back to you in no time.

5 Ways to Get An Ex Back

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To get an ex back fast, you need to follow some basic principles. It’s not rocket science but when you are desperate and in agony, we all act beyond reason and regret later. Here are some basic tips.

  1. Bury The Hatchet

If this person is your Ex, then there was an end involved. Getting them back is a new beginning. This is a chance to start over and build new memories. If there are underlying issues, then you two probably need to talk about them prior to any romantic involvement. New beginnings call for new rules, new boundaries and new attitudes. This person is the same person you were with. Although people change certain parts of their lives externally, most of us are who we are to the core. Your biggest hurdle will be accepting them as they are (who you knew). The “talk” that you two will have will be about behavior. You should expect the basics: respect, commitment, trust, friendship and love. If they are willing to give you the basics and you truly believe it then you must let go of the past and start anew.

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  1. Maintain Contact

If you want to be on someone’s mind, you must maintain contact. If they allow it, call them. If you have their MySpace or some other social networking site address, then send them a message or two. Be sure to not become a stalker, a few calls a week and maybe one message will be fine. Depending on your prior relationship, you may want to leave an obvious message of remembrance of what you two had. If they are harder to persuade, leave a short, sweet, friend-like message; this will give them a chance to reach out as a friend with no pressure.

  1. Where They Are

Chances are that you know where they spend most of their time. If you can, just be in the neighborhood looking your absolute best. When you see them, be sure to not hold up too much of their time (unless they insist you stay). Ask about what is going on in their lives. Although they may tell you some bad news, you are only to talk about what’s so great about your life. If you seem needy, as if you are carrying a bunch of problems, there is no way they are going to want any part of that.

  1. Family & Friends

Is there a best friend that you can talk to? Did you get along with the parents or a sibling? This is great because you can express how you feel to them. One thing about people is that we all love to see someone in love. Another thing about people is that they love you talk. Your love bug will find out that you want them back.

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  1. Straight. No Chaser.

Here’s how the conversation will go, “I can’t live without you.” That’s it. Being direct can never be imitated or exaggerated. Just tell them. While most of us cringe at this notion, this can save lots of time and heartache. If you get rejected, you will know that it is definitely time to move on. Even if it there is trepidation on their part, they may just need time to think about it. This is good because if they are dating others, you can be sure that you are on their mind; if all else fails, you want to be on their mind.

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